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t is the famous statue, present inside the Tala zone of Bandhavgarh. Shesh Shaiya is on the half-way up the Bandhavgarh hill, in amidst of shady evergreen trees. When you got the chance to visit Bandhavgarh, you will pass through this famous spot. It is 12 meter long reclining statue of Lord Vishnu, one of the Hindu trinity of lords i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh or Shiva. It is a single sandstone rock-carved statue in which we can see that Lord Vishnu, Seven-hooded Serpent King Sheshnaag and Shiva linga.

Here we will also see the origin of Charanganga river from legside of Vishnu statue. Due to origin of water source, here we will also see a evergreen water pool which ensures water availability at this height. Now a days, it is not so easy to visit this point as Fort safari is closed for visitors, as per rule of Forest Department. It is a historic statue of Kalchuri period thus it has great historic importance.

It is a 35 Feet long statue of Lord Vishnu, Sheshnaag & Shiva Linga. All this is carves out of single sand-stone. During rule of Kalchuri dynasty, in 10th century, this statue was carved out during Kalchuri ruler Yuvrajdev reign. Before Baghel, this region was under rule of Kalchuri dynasty. It was the minister Gollak who initiated the work and offered this masterpiece to his king. On reaching top of the hill, we will find many statues of Lord Vishnu in different incarnations which were carved out in 10th & 11th centuries. Here at Sheshsaiya we can find statue of Lord Vishnu, sleeping under the shade of 7-hooded serpent called Sheshnaag and his bed was floats-coil of same snake-king. In Hindu mythology, Shesh Naag is also one of the god. So its name Shesh-saiya means “Bed of Sheshnaag”. It is the point of origin for Charanganga river which is a evergreen perennial ensuring water availability to large part of this forest. While going to Tala entrance gate, we cross over a narrow perennial. It is the same Charanganga river.
Here at Shesh Saiya, we may find tiger presence as it is popular water hole so many times tigers have been spotted at this spot and captures in camera also. If you are visiting Bandhavgarh, then I will recommend you to visit this beautiful spot.

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