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Sitaram Ayyagari

Sitaram Ayyagari is educated in Carnatic Music, Vedas and Science. He has a Masters in Electronics Instrumentation and an MBA in Global Management. His book “The Science of Aruna Prashna” is a deep dive on “Aruna Prashna” from Krishna YajurVed. The book explores rigorous scientific frameworks and concepts as present in Vedic scriptures. He writes papers, give talks on Vedas and other Hindu Sastras.

Apart from being a member of IHAR, Sitaram is the founder of Sri Sarada School of Music, Houston. He has trained 100+ students in Carnatic Music over the past 14 years. Sitaram organizes music events, workshops and give talks on music. Sitaram is also co-founder of Bharateeya Vaahini, a non-profit organization that promotes learning of Veda Vangmayam.

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